A joint series of training courses is being organised by Context, international cooperation in collaboration with Wageningen International and MDF. For 2008, the following topics are planned:

  • Combining ‘theories of change’ and ‘realist evaluation’ to strengthen capacity for strategic action (April);
  • Creative organisational self assessments (September); and
  • M&E of multistakeholder dialogue & partnership (December).

In the first few months of 2008, further information on the exact titles for the events and the related subject areas will become available. The events will be a combination of exploratory seminar and a training workshop of a few days on the same subject.

The first event, scheduled for April, is intended to contribute to an alternative, integrative planning, monitoring and evaluation practice that attempts to overcome shortcomings of certain existing linear/logic models that constrain development effectiveness.

The brochure is available here. For further information, please contact Chris Eijkemans.