From October 24-28, 2011 Context, international cooperation, together with ICS, organised a training about SROI in Nairobi, Kenya. Eleven professionals from Tanzania, Kenya and Sudan with backgrounds ranging from project officers, community facilitators, social entrepreneurs, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation officers and those interested in impact measurement in the field of international development, participated in the training.

Participants were introduced to the concept of social accounting and experiences were exchanged regarding the positioning of SROI (Social Return on Investment) within M&E and the field of international development. Based on real case studies selected by the participants from their own realities, all the components of the SROI process were covered. This included hands-on application of various tools and methods to assess social values, by way of semi-structured interviews and other tools; and identifying the most relevant indicators to assist with assessing values beyond the market prices already known. The training was conducted in a very participatory way, predominantly to experience first hand the importance of understanding the perspectives of stakeholders in the design of a Theory of Change (or business plan).

The facilitators thank all participants for their willingness to share their experiences in the training. It was a joy to conduct this training. They are looking forward to a new experience next year.  Stay tuned to updates on this website regarding new trainings on SROI in the area of international development.

Participants felt that the training was highly relevant to their work. Some feedback that we received from participants:
–    “Personally I learned a lot. Group work even made us learn more and it will not be easy to forget what we shared in groups. We were like doing SROI practically. Thanks to the facilitators and the organisers of the workshop. We hope to have more of such workshops in the near future. Thanks to all fellow trainees because the interaction was free. The recap was a good learning technique. We will apply SROI in every aspect of our working.”
–    “….my sincere thanks and gratitude for the great efforts you have made to make this important training course successful. I would like also to underline the great benefit that we found from this training, which allowed us to meet as a group interested in social change in the first place and as well as pioneers in the field of SROI.”
–    “Personally I have benefited from the training having new inputs and it was great learning from other colleagues. I also like to appreciate  other participants for making the training a successful one. As we have several SROI exercises ahead of us, I will apply the skills I got from the training”.