Project Description

Advocating female condoms

A reflection on stakeholder commitments & trends in support for female condoms

Karine Godthelp

Female condoms are the only women-initiated dual protection method available to date: they protect from STIs (including HIV/AIDS) as well as unintended pregnancies. Although they were developed already in the late eighties and multiple studies confirm their value an d cost-effectiveness, female condoms are still not widely available, accessible and affordable.

In a recent study, commissioned by UAFC and carried out by Context, international cooperation, stakeholder commitments and trends in support for female condoms between 2010 and 2015 are analysed, in order to provide entry-points and recommendations for future female condom advocacy.

freely available:

  1. 2-pager summarising the main findings of the stakeholder analysis for UAFC;
  2. Full report of the end-line stakeholder analysis for UAFC;
  3. UAFC website.