Who we are

Founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, Context offers research and dissemination packages, trainings and consultancy services at an international level to organisations that deliver genuine social change.

We are a social business. This means that we are not funded, but earn our own income through the provision of products and services. However, our social objectives exceed all ambitions to make a profit.

Context has grown to include a network of social entrepreneurs, local businesses, development organisations, policy makers and academics in Africa (mainly East and South Africa), Asia (mainly South Asia and Indo-China) and Europe (mainly the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK).

Our Mission

We are a group of professionals who use business principles to promote social change in order to combat poverty, resist exclusion and counter violation of human rights.

At Context, we aim to support individuals, organisations and businesses that want to deliver genuine social change and improve their performance.

We believe that as change-makers it is our duty to support efforts made to promote and create awareness around issues of social change, be it to combat poverty, resist exclusion or counter violations of human rights.

Our track record

We strive to embrace social business principals within our own organizational model. As a result, we keep a track record of the work we have completed within various thematic fields to provide an overview of our impact.

View our track record in the field of Social Return On Investment

View our track record in the field of Global Citizenship

View our track record in the field of Social Business

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