The AgriCord alliance membership consists of 12 agri-agencies, representing farmers’ organisations from Europe, Canada, West-Africa and Asia. The vision of AgriCord is that strong farmers’ organisations will boost rural incomes and improve income distribution. By setting up local processing facilities, organisations can add value to raw produce, create jobs, stimulate the rural economy and reduce the urban exodus. Through farmers’ organisations, women and young farmers can be part of this structural transformation, because the organisations speak for all stakeholders and can take actions to ensure fair participation.

 Farmers Fighting Poverty supports smallholder family farms and their business ambitions in terms of access to markets, technical assistance, credit and quality inputs. Collective action through farmers’ organisations can reduce costs, encourage innovation and improve access to land. It also gives bargaining power and access to market information and helps to overcome inequalities faced by young and women farmers. Productivity is boosted by better technology at all stages of production. And all activities under the Farmers Fighting Poverty programme are designed to ensure financial, environmental and social sustainability.

Some observations from the review team

The FFP programme supports Farmers Organisations (FOs) in the face of many challenges that smallholder farmers experience in a rapidly changing demographic and economic environment. The agri-agencies can support FOs in shaping their future strategies and strengthen development and implementation of their business and service delivery plans.

FOs need to ‘imagine the future’ in order to act effectively now. Strategic visioning will inform the FO on the farming systems and farmer-led business models that it will want to pursue and support. This visioning will take on a broad, sectoral perspective, not focusing only on the challenges in agriculture but seeking to identify and possibly address issues in the wider perspective of rural development.

Through mutual learning and exchange, agri-agencies can foster innovation and effective implementation in the partnership with Farmers Organisations. FO-to-FO exchange remains a particularly valuable and much appreciated modality in the collaboration and is as a unique selling point for the AgriCord alliance in the eyes of key players in the international and global arenas.

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