Social & Economic Impact Assessment

Transparency and accountability are being pushed higher and higher up the agenda of what is considered good practice.

It is important that organisations and enterprises that are tasked with creating social value are able to remain accountable in all their works and share these outputs with others.

The measurement of impact can be useful in efforts to

Win public tenders

Be accountable to shareholders

Better understand the social needs and desires of your impact community

Provide strategic and operational direction to improve an organisations future social and economic impact.

However, the measurement of an organisation’s impact remains demand-driven, complex and extremely case-sensitive. Furthermore, organisations are often plagued with internal resource limitation to accurately and consistently conduct their own accountability measures. Often, a fresh pair of eyes can spot things that those who are embedded in the organisation cannot.

Context aims to help organisations that aim to improve their transparency and accountability efforts by offering:

Conducting case-specific impact assessment through Social Return on Investment methodology

Strategic and hand on support in implementing impact assessment measures

Facilitating internal and external evaluation

Actual implementation of organisational learning