Areas of expertise

Organisations that aim to create social impact face a vast array of challenges. Whether you are in a pre-incubation, growth or transformation phase, Context aims to help those who are inspired and passionate about creating a positive change in society whilst remaining competitive and financially sustainable.

We provide organisations with strategic and operational support to (re)position themselves

We help enterprises understand, grow and scale their business models

We provide research support to better understand how increased social impact can be achieved in new economies

In all our works we place high value on professional research expertise and uphold the belief that every case is unique, faces unique challenge and is embedded in a unique environmental context.


Our services

Our services offer organisations support packages to help them understand their model for social change and implement strategic changes as a result.

Context has core competencies lie in the following areas:

Strategic Development
Social and economic impact assessment
Business development support
Action research
Capacity Development
Mentoring and coaching
Monitoring and evaluation
Operational Support