Project Description

Towards a fair and just economy. Social business as a transformational approach.

Fons van der Velden

Currently, the world is facing serious interrelated systemic problems: income inequality is growing; the ecological carrying capacity of the earth has reached its limits; in a number of countries democracy is in crisis. At its heart: the way the economy is run.

The problems seem overwhelming, but all is not lost. This book explores how ordinary citizens can begin to ‘take back the economy’ through a combined strategy of local and global action. The entry point is the concept of Social Business.  Social business is a business model that focusses on ‘blended value creation’ as a means to foster systemic societal change.

The book presents case descriptions, outcomes of collaborative action research and conceptual frameworks. The various chapters emerged from joint collaboration with activists, social entrepreneurs, social investors and development organisations in four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

With this book the editor and authors aim to contribute to the debate about strategies for global social justice.