Project Description

Mid-term evaluation of Oxfam’s
Effective Rules against Corporate Tax Dodging Project

By Pol De Greve

The ‘Effective Rules against Corporate Tax Dodging” project exposes the negative effects of harmful tax rules on EU countries and on developing countries. Through strong and sustained pressure on key decision makers at national and EU level, the project aims at the abolishment of harmful tax rules and the adoption of effective countermeasures.

The project produced a number of analyses, reports, briefings, blogs and infographics that exposed and denounced harmful tax measures. Project staff have engaged with journalists to provide insights and inform them on current developments. Active use has been made of social media to reach the general public and a lot of effort has been devoted to engagements with ministries and members of national and EU parliaments to lobby for policy changes, and with civil servants to provide input for legislative proposals. In the project, Oxfam collaborates with like-minded allies and networks such as the Tax Justice Network, the Platform for Tax Good Governance, Eurodad, and Transparency International.

The evaluation concluded that the project effectively influenced the positioning of key actors and thereby contributed to policy changes at national and EU level. It was also concluded that the project contributed significantly to awareness raising among different audiences in EU countries on issues of (corporate) tax justice. The tone and content of public campaigning and communications by Oxfam was commended for its clarity and intelligibility despite the inherent complexity of the issues at stake. Oxfam’s research was thought to be solid: it uncovered relevant information and produced firm evidence that proved instrumental in the formulation of policy asks. Thanks to the project, Oxfam succeeded in enriching the policy debate in EU member states on tax justice, and in particular on corporate tax avoidance. Oxfam is therefore recognised by many, not the least by media and other influencers, as an experienced and reputable “go to” agency on corporate tax issues.

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