Project Description

End term Evaluation of
Getting down to Business Programme

Evaluation carried out by
Geert Phlix (ACE Europe) – Lead Consultant
Pol De Greve (Context, International Cooperation)
Huib Huyse (HIVA K.U.Leuven)
With support of national consultants in Uganda and India

Stop Child Labour (SCL) is a coalition of six NGOs and trade unions1 that aims to achieve the elimination of child labour in two interlinked ways: (1) working towards good quality formal education for all girls and boys and decent work for adults by promoting a community-based approach towards the creation of child labour free zones (CLFZ); and (2) working towards child labour free supply chains and sectors by engaging and collaborating with businesses and CSR initiatives and other relevant stakeholders.

The Getting Down to Business programme 2017-2019 (GdtB) focused specifically on changing policies and practices of international and national companies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives towards including a community-based approach towards the elimination of child labour

The evaluation was first and foremost focusing on changes in policies and practices of companies and CSR initiatives in support of the elimination of child labour in supply chains and the establishment of Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZs). A specific focus was to assess sustainability of existing CLFZs and explore key factors that may influence sustainability of the CLFZs after a certain period of time.

The evaluation concluded that SCL has been very successful in setting up collaborations with the private sector in different supply chains, working with different approaches tailored to that specific context. The evaluation team also applauded the creative and innovative strategies of SCL in identifying unusual leverage points such as through working with associations of tenants or working with teacher unions. Furthermore, the evaluation commended the use of politically smart and evidence-based L&A strategies, balancing between a confrontational and collaborative approach, between inside and outside tracks, both in engaging with private sector as with government.

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