Project Description

Final Evaluation of the Sustainable Diets for All Programme

The Sustainable Diets for All programme  aims to make more sustainable, diverse, healthy, and nutritious food available to low-income citizens. The programme is implemented in Bolivia, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Indonesia, and in addition in policy influencing at international levels and in the Netherlands. SD4All has set out to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations (CSOs) to influence the policies and practices of governments, market actors and international institutions in pursuit of sustainable diets. The SD4All programme is implemented by Hivos and IIED.

The SD4All programme can be characterised as having citizen agency at the core of the programme, advocacy capacity of civil society at the centre of its donor’s strategy, and the food systems of the majority as its main focus. Key elements of the SD4All programme include generating and assimilating evidence, building multi-stakeholder coalitions, and using innovative facilitation methodologies in which multiple actors share knowledge, evidence and ideas.

The programme’s contribution to policy influencing on sustainable diets at different levels (from local to global) was not only significant but often also necessary to trigger policy processes and realising policy related outcomes. Equally, the programme has strengthened the capacity of civil society actors in preparation, planning and implementation of evidence-based advocacy campaigns for sustainable diets. The programme created momentum for change at different levels and in different settings and provided valuable incentives and impulses for citizens and their organisations to continue working towards sustainable food system transformation and sustainable diets for all. However, there is still some way to go for citizen agency to fully serve as inspiration and driving force of policy influencing on sustainable consumption and production of food.

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