Project Description


Practices and lessons regarding effective lobby and advocacy

Fons van der Velden

In the period 2011 – 2015, ActionAid participated actively in the Fair, Green and Global (FGG) Alliance, a Netherlands based coalition with the objective to contribute to poverty reduction and socially just and environmentally sustainable development by enhancing the capacity of civil societies in the South.

At the end of this programme (in October 2015) ActionAid the Netherlands organised a three-day joint-learning workshop in the cooperbelt in Zambia 5. The aim of this workshop was to strengthen mutual capacities to strategise and implement effective lobby and advocacy for corporate accountability through a facilitated reflection and analysis of experiences from programme and how change happened.

This reflection was facilitated by Fons van der Velden in collaboration with Lillian Matsika (ActionAid, Zimbabwe). Fons van der Velden took the responsibility for the workshop report. The document is meant to be a knowledge product, containing major learnings related to the field visit, strategic lessons learned as well as operational lessons learned.

It can be downloaded here.