Project Description

Rikolto is an international NGO with more than 40 years’ experience in partnering farmer organisations and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Rikolto’s impact covers three levels :

❖ Improved livelihoods of smallholder farmers;

❖ Improved business and organisational capacities of targeted farmer organisations;

❖ Improved institutional environment.

The mid-term review concerned the first 2 ½ years of implementation of the programme funded by the Belgian government. An external team consisting of one international (IC) and 7 national consultants (LCs) was contracted to carry out the review covering 13 programme countries. The outcomes of the review were used to guide programme implementation modalities and orientations for the remaining programme period. At the same time, the review informed a strategic reflection at global level on the long-term orientation of Rikolto as an organisation and its overall programme.

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