Context is proud and excited to work with SNV on their novel Leadership Enhancement Programme, which is publically promoted as LEAP+.

LEAP+ is a global programme that will be implemented in 2015 in 19 countries across three continents (Africa, Asia, Latin America). It is the first programme of its kind that is being promoted and implemented by SNV in such a short time span.

Context has played the primary role in designing this leadership development and support programme. To this end we have been able to utilise many of the lessons learnt during the research and publication of our 11th Contextual titled Leadership in Social Business (available here). As described in detail in the Contextual and during LEAP+, leadership will be approached from three different, but interrelated perspectives as depicted below:


Naamloos3 The three roles of social business leadership.

On behalf of Context, Fons van der Velden acts as Lead Consultant for this programme. Together with the SNV overall LEAP+ Programme Manager Mr Worku Behonegne, Fons is responsible for the preparation, implementation and learning’s of the programme.

The overall objective of the programme is to strengthen the intrinsic capacity of local Capacity Development Support (CDS) providers so that they can provide Capacity Development Support in a professional and financially sustainable manner, through a leadership development and support programme with a rather practical orientation for professionals who are – or who work in the spirit of – market based social entrepreneurship, and who have the potential to run a local CDS.

For more information about LEAP+ the overall LEAP+ Programme manager Mr Worku Behonegne may be contacted through the SNV corporate Head Office.