In 2015, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation launched LEAP+, a leadership development and support programme for leaders of social businesses. This programme has now come to a successful completion. The programme was designed to strengthen the participants’ inherent competencies so that they can operate as social entrepreneurs providing professional support towards alleviating poverty, in their local environment, in a financially sustainable manner.

The LEAP+ programme is aligned with the overall SNV mission ‘A society where all people enjoy freedom to pursue their own sustainable development’.

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The programme (LEAP+) was designed in 2014 and implemented in 2015 with around 135 participants from 19 countries (Africa, Asia and Latin America), which have been organised in six cohorts.

The implementation strategy of LEAP+ followed the state of the art with regard to leadership programmes: two workshops of one week each; in combination with on-the-job accompaniment, intensive coaching and fostering of peer learning and peer support. Moreover, the focus of the programme has been on business management in combination with personal leadership and societal leadership. Within LEAP+ emphasis was placed on strengthening competencies, capabilities and capacity to become financially sustainable local Capacity Development Support providers through a social entrepreneurial approach. Core concepts of the programme include ‘Blended Value’, characteristics of a Social Business, Business Model Canvas, Value Chain Development and Business planning.

For more information about Context’s involvement in the LEAP+ programme and our understanding of social business leadership, you may contact Fons van der Velden at

To gain more information about the LEAP+ programme see the report below.

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